Paris: 5 Nights

We explore many of the city’s famous features such as the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral, the iconic Eiffel Tower, the historic Sacre Coeur and Montmartre and the relaxing Jardin des Plantes. We are staying on the Left Bank so there is plenty of time and access to wander up to the Pantheon and to make the most of the River Seine as a mode of travel. We make time to travel to the Right Bank to spend time in the Louvre, and to visit many of the city’s other attractions, like walking up the Champs Elysee! We also have a day travelling to Versailles to explore the fascinating and spectacular Palace de Versailles! The gardens, the paintings and the architecture are all of another era but remain as spectacular as they were when first established.

Bordeaux/Biarritz: 3 Nights

We leave Paris and head for the west coast and another region of significance to France. We will sample many of the regions natural features that are part of the west coast’s attractions. We couldn’t visit Bordeaux without tasting some of its fine wine while having the special features of French winemaking with its long history explained by some of the people most intimately involved.Biarritz offers an opportunity to enjoy the Basque country and we make the most of that.

Carcassone: 2 Nights

Off to France’s UNESCO listed Canal du Midi and the fabulous walled city of Carcassone. We spend time walking through the old city as well as enjoying time by the canal. We will take a ride on a canal boat, travelling through the locks on Canal du Midi which is great fun.

Avignon: 3 Nights

On to 3 nights in Avignon, the city which was home to the first Catholic popes. We visit the Cathedral des Papes where the history of the establishment of the heart of the Catholic Church is explained as well as the subsequent move to Italy. Some of you may remember the French song- Sur La Pont, D’Avignon? Well we get to explore the bridge which the song is about. (La Pont is the Bridge in French). From here we head down the coast to the Camargue, where we spend time in a stunning natural area with wild ponies and wetlands to die for.

Nice: 3 Nights

Next it's off to Nice, famous for its beaches and coastline but full of historical significance, attractive to artists and perfume lovers alike. We have 3 nights here. We visit Monte Carlo and Monaco, using local trains, to get us to and from these wonderful historic and picturesque places.

Paris: 4 Nights

We fly back to Paris to allow for a last farewell to this special city. We head to the city of Reims, in the Champagne region, for tastings at both a small family Champagne firm as well as one of the major Champagne producers in the world. You cannot visit France without seeing the Loire Valley so we spend a day exploring here with some of the most famous Chateaux on our itinerary. A great way to farewell France as we prepare for the flight home to Sydney.

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