London: 3 Nights

Starting our British adventure in the capital city, we spend our first 3 nights in London, one of the premier cities of the world.

Bournemouth: 1 Night

The next day we head to Dorset, spending time in picturesque Bath with its regency architecture and Roman baths providing a stunning setting for what England used to be. We visit Stonehenge and find out about ancient rituals before we head down to Cornwall with towns that have to be seen to be believed and enjoy the Cornish countryside, with its history of pirates and treasures!

Looe: 2 Nights

Exploring the Cornish coastline is an experience unlike any other in England so prepare to be surprised and delighted in equal measure.

Wales: 3 Nights

From Dorset we head towards the Welsh countryside and its pretty evident that the Welsh are a proud people with a language to bamboozle and towns that provide an understanding of Welsh traditions.

Lakes District: 2 Nights

From Walest we head north to the lakes District, a beautiful part of the English countryside and a break in our journey northwards.

Glasgow/Pitlochery : 2 Nights

From the Welsh to the Scots and another strong set of traditions are still visible throughout Scotland. Truly breathtaking, we find our way out of Glasgow and into the Scottish Highlands. We take the ferry to the Isle of Skye to explore but we also spend time around the Scottish Lochs (lakes).

Edinburgh: 2 Nights

Then we head across country to Edinburgh, with its famous castle but its more interesting old town.

York: 1 Night

Then we head south and back into England to the city of Yorke for 1 night and a chance to experience the famous Yorkshire hospitality.

Cotswolds: 2 Nights

Ah, then we head further south and you will experience the true beauty of the English Cotswolds , a line of hills and lakes whose beauty is legendary and where relaxing is a requirement!

London: 1 Night

We leave the Cotswolds to head back to London for some last minute sightseeing, a good nights sleep and prepare to head back to Sydney.

Activities in London

Tower bridge, London Tower, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, London Underground, Victoria and Albert, Spot deer in Richmond Park, London Dungeons, Whispering Gallery at St Paul’s cathedral, West End show.

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