Next USA Tour: 2023 Dates to be confirmed

San Francisco/Yosemite: 4 Nights

Starting our US adventure in California, we spend our first 2 nights in San Francisco, a sophisticated coastal city that will kickstart the tour in a beautiful natural environment. Then we do the scenic mountain drive out to Yosemite National park where we will stay for just 1 night – but 2 days. It gives us time to visit Yosemite National Park, with its wonderful waterfalls and black bears before heading back to SF for a last night before we head down the Californian coast.

Los Angeles: 3 Nights

On day 5 we head to Los Angeles where we do some of the traditional tourist visits – you have to do some of those things in LA – Disneyland, movie studios, but LA and the coast is more than just those things so we do take in some very different LA experiences.

Las Vegas: 2 Nights

Then we head to Vegas and the Grand Canyon that provides out of this world scenery and an opportunity to see one of the headline acts that are always on in Vegas!

San Antonio: 2 Nights

A good way to explore this wonderful city is to walk it which may sound strange but that way you get to see the old and new San Antonio and see what all the fuss is about being in Texas!We also get to spend the day in Waco, Texas at the farm of a famous couple.

Nashville: 2 Nights

Then we head further south to Nashville, Tennessee for the following 2 nights. During the day, we visit some of Tennessee’s beauty spots and at night we get to visit the Grand Ole Opry and experience some of the best country music in the world. Not your thing?? Wait until you try it... you may just change your mind.

Miami/Florida Keys: 3 Nights

Florida is big and gawdy but it’s also the gateway to some interesting and astonishing natural attractions such as the Florida Keys and the Everglades so that’s where we will spend our time in the southern most state.

Washington: 2 Nights

Ah, then we head north to the nation’s capital and experience the delights of the political heartland of one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Lancaster: 1 Night

We leave Washington to explore a very different style of living – staying in Pennsylvania in the region best known for the Amish way of life- we have an opportunity to see how people who choose to live very differently – do it in modern day USA.

New York: 5 Nights

From country Pennsylvania to one of the biggest and most exciting cities in the world- and one of my favourites! We have 5 nights here, plenty of time to explore and get to know this most fascinating of cities. We take a trip to Niagra Falls during our stay so one day is out of the city and into a very different world.

We leave New York to fly back to Sydney, with a head full of memories to share with friends and family on your return.

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