About Wandering Women

Who We Are

Wandering Women is not your average travel company. We’re not even your conventional women’s travel planner. Women travelling solo doesn’t mean doing it alone when you wander with us. We provide small group tours for women 45+ travelling solo to a variety of Australian and International destinations

Wandering Women was founded in 2012 by me (Carole Medcalf) after a lifetime of travel. I started travelling when I was 16 and I haven’t stopped (except for Covid). When I travelled I often bought Around -The -World tickets. That meant I got to explore more places and to experience many different cultures and it was a great introduction to the next ‘destination’ trip.

After a birthday celebration in Queensland and a chat between my 3 ‘sisters’ and myself, the idea to share these adventures emerged. Seeking to re-create and offer similar experiences to other women was the basis for Wandering Women.

Wandering Women provides a secure, supportive and welcoming environment where all women can feel comfortable as you share amazing experiences with the other Wanderers on tour.

Our partnerships with a wide variety of accommodation, excursion and transport providers globally enable you to experience some of the best parts of each destination – meals, accommodation and experiences chosen for the sole purpose of providing you with the most enjoyable experience possible in each destination.

With a background and qualifications in Sociology, tour guiding and travel, I have crafted tours to enable other women to join in the best journeys I’ve experienced, combined with new adventures on each tour. My idea was to provide older women travelling solo with the opportunity to have safe travel adventures, to meet other women who wanted to do similar things and to take the hard work out of travelling, thus making it just a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.

I enjoy sharing my passion with other women, and while being a part of the groups themselves, I am often able to watch wonderful friendships form and to see women getting more confident in themselves. It doesn’t matter if you are already a confident woman, I believe that something about the travel experience, particularly with other women, enables us to appreciate those aspects of ourselves.

Our Story

I know a number of women who don’t have a travelling companion but who really want to travel. I’m a mature woman who has travelled solo for many years and I understand how difficult it might seem. I can make it easy and enjoyable for you.

Wandering Women is for women who are 45+ and:


who are on their own but want to explore – just not alone

who have lost their partner/husband, who are living away from their friends for whatever reasons
whose husband/partner doesn’t want to travel anymore (or ever).

“Now more than ever do I realise I will never be content with a sedentary life, that I will always be haunted by thoughts of a sun-drenched elsewhere.”

- Isabelle Eberhardt 1898

What To Expect On A Wandering Women Tour

On a Wandering Women tour:

  • Maximum of 10 on each tour
  • Your own ensuite room on every tour
  • We include al those ‘hidden’ extras
  • Timing allows us to have local experiences as well as take excursions
  • Comfortable travel as well as local travel experiences
  • Great boutique accommodation that we know you will enjoy
  • Exciting activities as well as time to wander
  • High quality meals with a focus on local food…..and wine
  • Great guides – we have amazing local partners wherever we travel
  • NO single supplements
All of this is designed to help you make the most of your time exploring places YOU have always wanted to visit. And the Bonus? You may make some new friends as well.

Taking The Worry Out Of Travel

On a Wandering Women tour all aspects of the travel experience are managed for you. We choose comfortable boutique accommodations, manage your reservations, design interesting and exciting itineraries and accept secure payments online to ensure we take the anxiety out of travel. You can choose to pay a deposit and complete payment by instalments as per our terms. We equip all of our Wandering Women for travel, ensuring you enjoy the journey as well as the destination.
If you’re not travelling from Australia with us, we can organise to meet you at the beginning of the tour and that changes the price of course.

Are you ready...

to meet like - minded women and make new and lifelong friends?