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Our post Covid-19 tour plans have changed in line with the world opening up for travel again.  I am now doing a research trip in 2022 - France and Italy - two favourite destinations. I will be exploring  some new and exciting destinations to see if they can be included in the tours for France and Italy for 2023. I will also be ensuring that all our accommodations are still meeting standards, that our restaurant partners are still providing the best meals and that any exhilerating excursions are included for you to enjoy.



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Fabulous France: June 2023

22 Day Tour of Paris and regional France

Come and discover why France is one of the most popular destinations in the world!

Experience not only the delights of Paris - and they are many and legendary- but also the best of regional France. Getting off the beaten track allows 'Wanderers' to experience France differently. We see it as our taster - you will want to come back for more of this delightful country. On this tour you get the best of Paris - day trips which allows a lot more exploring - as well as all that Paris is famous for. Then it's on to Biarritz, famous for its surfing but also containing historic buildings to make you gasp with delight. Along the way we stop in Bordeaux, world renowned wine country and Cap Ferat with its mountainous sand dunes, as well as and other natural beauty spots.

Travel then to Carcassone, a medieval city with a fascinating history, located on heritage listed Canal du Midi and on through to Avignon, where we discover not only this beautiful city but also take a trip down to the wild and beautiful Camargue. We visit an artists' colony outside Nice and enjoy the delights of this famous coast, and yes, there will be time for a bit of sunbathing or just enjoying people watching in this beautiful city, all of which provide a wonderful experience before we head back to Paris and surrounds. On our second time in Paris we will visit all the things we didn't get to do the first time (there's a lot to see and do in this city) and then head to the famous Loire Valley and to Mont St Michel. Fabulous France is the only thing we could have called this tour so join us and experience it for yourselves!

Indulge in Italy : July 2023

23 Day tour

Highlights of Italy.

Starting in Milan, we explore the Italian Riviera coast, including Portofino and Cinque Terre, before heading inland to enjoy the delights of Lago di Garda, the largest of the lakes, and the Italian Alps. Next, we head to Venice with its magnificent waterways, islands and winding streets - yes, they are there - and then it's on to Florence with its Renaissance art, culture and history. From there we're off to the wonderful Amalfi coast and, using the town of Amalfi as a base for five relaxing but adventurous nights, we visit Pompeii, Ravello and the Isle of Capri before heading to Naples, for two nights. We travel across to another beautiful but different island, Ischia.

Wherever we go, the views are incredible, the food is fabulous and the people are wonderful. Of course, all roads do eventually lead to Rome! In Rome, there's the magnificent monuments and Vatican City but there are also lots of interesting alleys and places of great natural beauty, which is one of the reasons the city was built here. We spend enough time in each spectacular place for you to discover the unique properties of each one as well as stopping to explore some of the best spots along the way. A must do tour - un grande viaggio!

NSW South Coast: April 2023

16 Days Tour

Discover the beautiful South Coast and Southern Highlands of NSW, including Best Tourism Destination 2021 (Population under 5,000)

Starting our NSW South Coast and Southern Highlands adventure in Sydney, we head south through the Royal National Park where we stop for lunch. From there Stanwell Tops offers a stunning vista of the area to which we will be heading - Austinmer and our first overnight stay. Driving down to Seacliff Bridge, we take time to stretch our legs while enjoying glorious views of the south eastern coast of Australia. After visiting Wollongong, the third largest city in NSW and one of our significant industrial heartlands, we visit the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere and enjoy some kayaking and local waterfalls at one of our first overnight stays, before heading further south and enjoying Jervis Bay for the next couple of nights.

Further south, we make Bateman's Bay our base for 3 nights, giving us time to head inland as well as explore the coast. We visit the wonderful Mogo Zoo and learn about their research efforts, as well as their endeavours to save all the animals from the recent bushfires. We take the time to go whale watching and explore marine parks in the area as well as National Parks. After enjoying whales in their natural habitat we experience the history of the whaling industry on this part of the coast and I must say, my preference is to enjoy them in the wild!

On our return up the coast, we head into the bush with a local Aboriginal guide to discover the best local 'bush tucker' and to learn how it sustained Aboriginal people for thousands of years. Visiting historical homes and local industry development we also experience the great food that is available from local restaurants who support other local industry wherever possible. There's time for some wine tasting as well.

We head inland to travel north and taste a little (more) local wine and for a relaxing cruise before stopping for our next two night stay. Ascending the escarpment we take time to visit some of the beautiful galleries and gardens. We spend our last two nights in the southern highlands before heading back to Sydney.

We'd love to take you on this journey with us.

Explore South Australia and Northern Territory together:  September/October 2023

18 Days including time in the desert, the wineries, Kakadu - the list is long.

From the islands to the desert, wineries to the underground - this tour has the lot! The best of everything and a great amount of time to see it in. Travelling in Australia just got better, so do yourself a favour and sign up for an experience you will never have anywhere else in the world.

Flying from Sydney, we start the tour in Adelaide, capital city of South Australia, situated on the Torrens River. We head to the wineries and then ferry across to Kangaroo Island. Here, we get a chance to experience this community's recovery from the bushfires of early 2020, as well as the unspoiled natural beauty. Then it's off to Darwin to see how the Territorians do cities - it's different! Heading to Kakadu National Park we get to experience not only the Park's attractions but also the cultural history of the Aboriginals who have called it home for thousands of years. Travelling south by coach we visit Katherine and its world - renowned gorge, and, after an overnight stay, fly to Alice Springs. We have time to explore the stunning scenery around Alice, as well as the town, for three nights before heading to Uluru. Our last three nights are spent here - in the heart of Australia, for experiences you will never forget. Come join us: we'd love to share it with you.

Explore Tasmania - You Will Be So Glad You Did!

Four corners of Tasmania: February - March 2023

Do you:

A.        Miss walking in places of exceptional beauty in wide open spaces?

B.        Want to join the search for coastal wildlife, such as seals and dolphins, while cruising alongside some of Australia’s highest cliffs?

C.        Crave spending time in a luxury resort, surrounded by alpine wilderness, while enjoying fine dining experiences?

D.        Want to explore Australia’s premier penal colony, discover where many of our ancestors started life in Australia and experience                  the conditions they were subjected to?

If you answered yes to any of the above then this is the tour for you.

Now you can enjoy an experience that combines breathtaking World Heritage listed natural beauty, historical world class attractions and unique destinations on our 18 - nights Tasmanian Tour!

Our Travel Tasmania Tour includes:

  •       38 excursions with premium Tasmanian operators
  •       Accommodation in stylish boutique and luxury resorts around the island state
  •       Breakfast every day
  •       Many lunches and dinners in some of the best restaurants in Tasmania
  •       Return flights Sydney – Hobart - Sydney
  •       Air - conditioned mini coach, exclusive to Wandering Women tour
  •       Small group of 10
  •       Experiences from remote to cosmopolitan, rural to urban, forest and water based activities


Western Australian Delights: April 2023

Are you:

A.      Missing wide open spaces that you can share with other friendly women?

B.      Craving an exhilarating journey through astonishing natural landscapes?

C.      Longing to be waited on in restaurants and in fabulous accommodation?

D.      Wanting to experience an ancient Aboriginal culture with local Aboriginal people?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you need to join us on our Western Australia and have a world of experiences within Australia. Book your seat now!

Our Western Australian Experience includes the following:

  •   26 excursions to experience the best of the natural attraction highlights of Western Australia
  •   Return flights Broome -  Purnululu Mts to spend a day touring this ancient area with a local Aboriginal tour guide
  •   Cruise to the spectacular Horizontal Falls, lunch and a journey through the Falls
  •   Flights Sydney – Perth, Perth - Broome and Broome - Sydney about 12 hours flying time in total
  •   All internal travel around Australia’s largest state
  •   All breakfasts
  •   Many lunches and dinners at some of WA’s best restaurants, as well as in some of the world famous wineries in the state
  •   Air - conditioned mini - coach, exclusive to Wandering Women tour


United Kingdom: September 2023

23 Days in the UK

Visiting England, Wales, Cornwall and Scotland

We make time, on this tour, to explore the cities of London, Bath, Edinburgh, York and Bournemouth as well as enjoying the rural delights and smaller towns. We travel from England into Cornwall and explore the pirate's haunts of years gone by on beautiful Cornish coastlines. Then we head to Wales before experiencing the world - renowned Lakes District. From there we go to Scotland and taste their magnificent Scotch (Whisky), the Isle of Skye and stunning ancient and modern buildings in Scottish cities. Then we travel south again to take in the Cotswolds and other historical and stunning English scenery before heading home.

Caribbean and Cuba: July/August 2023

29 Days tour

Four Islands in one trip

Drink in all the colour and excitement of a completely different and utterly addictive way of life in the heart of the Caribbean, with destinations including Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad, and Cuba!

We start our Caribbean experience in Cuba. Havana is incomparable and must be experienced to gain a proper understanding of what Cubano people are like. Trinidad de Cuba, a UNESCO listed city, provides an understanding of previous periods in Cuban history, with its beautiful Spanish influenced architecture and culture. These form the basis for this taste of Cuba along with Salsa, beautiful food, and people of the island that remain intriguing even today.

Next, we travel to Jamaica where we raft on beautiful rivers and watch people dive headlong off cliffs into the sea as they have done for centuries. A change of pace in Trinidad, our third island, when we head into the country to stay on a beautiful beach, eat first - class meals and see Leatherback turtles hatching their eggs on the beach on a 'once in five years' visit. Finally, we head to beautiful Barbados, which has all the attractions of the Caribbean including the famous Kadooment festival, and fun and beautiful pink sands that are seen in very few places - but Barbados is one of them.

Each of the islands has it's own distinct character and culture which is what makes it such a unique part of the world - and such a delight to visit!


27 Days tour- Dates to be confirmed for 2023

Explore the East and West Coasts and Places in Between and Celebrate the 4th of July in the States!

We start in San Francisco and head down the beautiful west coast to LA. From there we travel to Las Vegas, take in some nightlife and explore the Grand Canyon, then it's off to Texas. After exploring a small part of Texas, we move to the country music capital, Nashville and enjoy some of its attractions. Then we move on to the east coast, in particular the Florida Keys, for a bit of relaxation along with the exploration. We also get to celebrate the 4th of July with the locals around about here! Heading up the east coast we stay in Washington, the seat of power and then it's off to the other extreme, the Amish country. We end our stay with 5 nights in NYC, time to sample the delights of one of the most alive cities in the world!. Then it's home with a stack of great memories.

Are you ready to travel again? Wandering Women will be travelling to our destinations for 2023 and researching more of France and Italy in 2022. Along with all our international partners we want to share the delights of these places with you and make sure you travel safely, returning home with wonderful memories.