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Milan: 3 Nights

Starting our Italian adventure in the north west of the country we spend our first three nights in Milan, a sophisticated picturesque city that will start your curiosity about Italian cultural pursuits that have lasted many lifetime

Cinque Terre: 4 Nights

The next day we head to Monterosso to check in and leave our luggage before heading to Portofino to take in the sights in this beautiful seaside town. Then we head back to Cinque Terre for 4 nights which gives us time to sample each of the villages and to see the differences and what they have to offer. Perched on the cliff tops and in the valleys, there are spectacular views in this part of the country. It is one of my favourites and I think it will become one of yours too!

Venice: 4 Nights

A good way to explore this wonderful city is to walk it, which sounds strange for a city surrounded by water. We get back on the water frequently – for a tour to one of the Venice Islands to see centuries old crafts still being practiced today and just for general travel.There’s nothing ancient about the results though – it will blow you away! We experience opera in a palace, visit the Basilica and take time to appreciate some of the best art collections in the world.

Florence: 3 Nights

Then we head further south to Florence/ Firenze for the following 3 nights. During the day we visit Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella ( quite a mouthful-) the oldest pharmacy in the world with some of its customers being amongst the most famous. It is centuries old and one of the most fascinating shops you will ever visit. We have the Ufizzi Gallery art collection explained by one of the foremost art historians in Florence and you get to explore things Florentine. I’m sure you will be sorry to leave here.

Amalfi: 5 Nights

Ah, then we head further south and you will experience having your heart in your mouth as we drive down the winding coast road to take us to Amalfi where we stay for 5 nights to allow us to visit Capri/Blue Grotto/ which are captivating and every bit as beautiful as you would imagine and on the way back to Amalfi, we stop in Positano to admire the views of the isle of Capri from the mainland. We also drive up into the mountains to visit the village of Ravello which provides a contrast to the coastal villages we have been enjoying so much and we explore a couple of the other smaller villages for a look at rural life in Italy.

Naples: 3 Nights

We leave Amalfi and head to Naples/Napoli for 3 nights taking time to explore this famous seaside city including its famous catacombs as well as Pompeii and Herculaneum. They are interesting places and Naples has a charm of its own.

Rome: 5 Nights

Then we head to Rome/Roma for 3 nights where the historic Colosseum will keep you spell bound for some time and Vatican City will amaze you for its size and spectacular history. The Jewish Ghetto will move you and delight you and the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain – well what can you say. Rome in all its glory.

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